In Search of the Truth about the GAL

"All human beings without exception have the same rights and duties"


Spanish institutions have never wanted to clarify the truth about the GAL. Furthermore, any threat of investigation has been hampered, mainly in order to prevent revealing the identity of the masterminds of these state crimes, that is, who was actually behind the GAL.

While the Spanish and French intelligence services hold conclusive evidence that their governments refuse to declassify, the latest documents partially declassified by the CIA prove that former President Felipe González agreed in 1983 “to create a group of mercenaries, controlled by the Army, to fight terrorists outside of the law“. All indications point to his government promoting, financing and supporting state terrorism through the GAL. Now is the time for this evidence to come to light.

Declassified CIA Report (Jan 19, 1984)

Why do we seek the truth?

The right to the truth is a universal legal norm that does not prescribe and requires states to investigate.

Unfortunately, it is a right that is denied us by the institutions and, therefore, we have formed this independent platform B-Egiaz. In addition, promoting the most scientific and objective truth possible about all the human rights violations that have occurred in recent decades will help us retell our memories, both collective and individual. The truth is valuable, because knowing it is the only way to heal wounds and prevent future wrongdoing?

What are we going to do?

Our roadmap has a clear objective and we want to achieve it by two means:

Judicial and administrative itinerary

The first step, of many others that will come if our requests are unsuccessful, was the presentation in January 2021 of a letter to the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office, in which it was requested that it investigate the possible connection of Felipe González with the GAL.

On February 11, 2021, we received a letter from the Gipuzkoa Prosecutor’s Office stating that it had passed the investigation proceedings to the National High Court’s Office, as this case comes under their jurisdiction. However, further to this opinion, the chief prosecutor of the Gipuzkoan Prosecutor’s Office, Juan Calparsoro, indicates that there may be another path to investigate as “the complaint indicates the possible participation in the crimes (of the Lasa-Zabala case) of people who have not yet been tried. Specifically, he provides new and recently discovered evidence of the possible participation of Felipe González Márquez, who was then the president of the Spanish government”. He concludes by saying that in light of the new evidence, the complaint can be put before the Investigating Court again.


Path of investigation

We will leave no stone unturned in obtaining new evidence and documents that corroborate our suspicions. We are analyzing in detail everything that has been investigated to date, and consulting people who were sources of information in their day.


At the same time, we are opening up new areas of investigation in places where so far not enough has been done. Although we are obviously not yet going to divulge what those sources are, those of you who are interested in knowing how we are going about this work, and want to help us, just have to write to us.



Do you want to help us?

What we are mainly looking for is to gather documentation, testimonies and evidence that can help us to know what the GAL really were, who created and financed them, and who protected them.

You may be someone in possession of information and who, at the time, decided not to bring it to light. Don't hesitate now. Your help can be decisive. Find out how you can do it safely.